Work Station Sound Enclosure

Rinco Ultrasonics workstation – with Sound enclosure and Automatic Draw  or with Sound enclosure and Rotary Table

The new Workstations provides a sound proof enclosure and integrated automatic sliding parts draw, or with integrated Rotary Table.

Ideal for small to medium ultrasonic welding applications.

Key Features Workstation with Automatic Draw:

  • Massive reduction of noise level produced by the machine and the work piece
  • The operator doesn‘t need an additional hearing protection
  • Closing speed of drawer is adjustable
  • Ergonomic drawer which is lowering itself after opening
  • Can be integrated very well into an existing production due its very narrow design
  • The entire welding process runs automatically. It can be started by pushing a button. During the welding process the user finds time to perform another activity such as operating a second Workstation or preparing the next part
  • Ergonomic workplace due to height adjustability (feet)
  • Key switch to close and lock the drawer
  • Easy placement of the work piece into the drawer, also possible with a robot arm and pick and place systems
  • European CE conformity
  • Made in Switzerland

Key Features Workstation with Rotary Table: 

  • Easy integration and operation
  • Ultrasonic welding press and sound enclosure rolled into one
  • Massive noise reduction, no hearing protection required
  • Short production cycles
  • Improved safety for operators and persons in the vicinity thanks to light barrier
  • Ergonomic workplace thanks to adjustable height
  • Slim design
  • Easy to handle with forklift
  • European CE conformity
  • Made in Switzerland


Brochure Rinco Ultrasonics Workstation Sound Enclosure with Rotary Table
Brochure Rinco Ultrasonics Work Station / Sound Enclosue with Draw